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PlayStation 3 120GB Slim Console

Sony PlayStation 3 120GB Slim Console

Cologne, Germany: Sony's pre-gamescom Press Conference today climaxed with the announcement of the inevitable smaller and lighter version of the PS3 Console. The new PlayStation 3 Slim and Lite is two-thirds the size and weight of previous models, with lower power consumption. The new console has a textured surface, and includes an internal 120GB Hard Disk Drive and a wireless DualShock 3 controller. While the console has been completely redesigned, it inherits the cutting-edge functions of the previous model: Cell Broadband Engine multi-core processor, Blu-ray disc player, Wi-Fi, HDMI output, etc. Available from 1st September 2009, the Sony PlayStation 3 120GB Slim Console will retail at £249.99. The current model PS3, the big and shinny PlayStation 3 80GB Console is now reduced in price by £50 to also sell for £249.99, while stocks last...

PlayStation 3 120GB Console

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Anonymous PS3 Slim said...

One feature removed from the PlayStation 3 120GB Slim console, that was available on previous PS3 models, is the ability to install another Operating System, such as Linux. This is also the first Sony PS3 not to include an Ethernet cable with the console

A new feature added to the PlayStation 3 120GB Slim console is Bravia Sync, which enables access to the PS3 on-screen interface via the TV remote control if the console is connected to a Sony Bravia TV with a HMDI cable. And, Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD audio output are now supported

The Playstation 3's Cell Broadband Engine processor has moved from a 65nm process to a 45nm process with the new PS3 Slim, which not only uses less power, but also means the console runs cooler and quieter

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