Friday, May 29, 2009

inFamous for PlayStation 3

inFamous for PlayStation 3

A devastating explosion rips through the heart of Empire City. Everyone at Ground Zero is killed. Everyone, except you... You play as Cole, a bike messenger caught in the centre of a sinister plot. Charged by the explosion, you begin to develop incredible powers: the ability to control electricity... inFamous offers an open-world environment, giving you complete freedom to explore the quarantined city: on the streets and scaling the cityscape. You decide how you use your new super-powers. Your actions affect you, the citizens, the city, and how events unfold around you. Be a hero and protect the innocent from criminal gangs terrorizing the city. Or create chaos as you seek revenge on the villains responsible for the explosion. Exclusive to the Sony PlayStation 3, Sucker Punch's inFamous "steals" the best elements from many other games, fusing them together in way that is paradoxically both fresh and familiar, delivering an increasingly epic adventure that is immense fun to play...


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