Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Official XBOX 360 Elite details

XBOX 360 Elite Console

Rumours of an upgraded version of the XBOX 360 Console (codenamed Zephyr) have been circulating for a while... Today, Microsoft announced the new model XBOX 360, called the Elite, will be launched in the USA on April 29th (RRP $479.99). The XBOX 360 Elite package will feature a matt black console with a detachable 120GB hard drive, HMDI output, plus matching black wireless controller & headset. The 120GB hard drive will also be sold separately & other accessories will be available in black...

XBOX 360 Elite revealed at Xbox.com

Microsoft's XBOX 360 Elite will not include a HD DVD player or have built-in Wi-Fi (as some websites have suggested)

Friday, March 23, 2007

Sony PlayStation 3 60GB console

Sony PlayStation 3 Console
Finally, the PlayStation 3 Game Console has gone global and is available in the UK & Europe today. Unlike the XBOX 360 & Wii launches, Sony have shipped enough consoles to keep up with demand and the PlayStation 3 is In Stock on release

Some dedicated PlayStation fans queued for 40+ hours outside London's main Virgin Megastore in order to be at the front of the line for the console & were rewarded by Sony, with the first hundred given a free Sony Bravia HD TV worth £2,000!

PlayStation 3 Game Console

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Home - PlayStation 3's Virtual World

PlayStation Home for Sony PlayStation 3

Sony just posted a video preview of PlayStation Home, a new service recently announced at the Game Developers Conference. PlayStation Home is a virtual reality / online community for PlayStation 3 console owners: where you can design your own avatar & living-space, then explore the rest of the virtual world & interact with other PS3 users. Home will be open for a public BETA soon (up to 15,000 users), and is due to go live on the PlayStation Network as a free service in October 2007

GDC 2007 - PlayStation Home Preview Video

Official PlayStation Home BETA Site