Friday, December 02, 2005

Microsoft's XBOX 360 console

Microsoft XBOX 360 console

Launched many months in advance of Sony's PlayStation 3 and Nintendo's REVOLUTION game consoles, Microsoft's next-generation home console was released in the US on the 22nd of November, hits the shops in the UK and Europe today, and launches in Japan on the 10th of December - but you'd better be quick if you want to own one before Xmas, as the XBOX 360 has already SOLD OUT via pre-orders at most online retailers. And it's easy to see why: XBOX 360's state-of-the-art hardware offers impressively detailed high-definition game experiences, online communication & download services, plus access to a wide range of digital media devices (including PCs with Windows XP, digital cameras, MP3 players & even Sony PSP!)

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