Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Nintendo Wii Console Bundles

Black Wii Console: Mario Kart Wii Pack

A new Limited Edition
Nintendo Wii Console bundle starts to retail from today: the Black Nintendo Wii Console: Mario Kart Wii Pack, which also includes a Black Wii Wheel, the new Black Wii Remote Plus Controller, matching Black Nunchuk Controller, and the game Wii Sports. RRP is £179.99. The first Mario Kart racing video game was released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System back in 1992. The latest, Mario Kart for Nintendo Wii, has sold more than 24 million copies worldwide since April 2008. The console also has Donkey Kong pre-installed, celebrating Mario’s first ever appearance...

A second Limited Edition
Wii Console bundle is released on the 3rd of December: the Black Wii Console: Wii Fit Plus Pack, including a Black Wii Balance Board, Black Wii Remote Plus Controller, Black Nunchuk Controller, plus Wii Sports game