Thursday, October 29, 2009

Nintendo DSi XL Console for 2010

Nintendo DSi XL Console

Before the Nintendo DSi Console reaches its first birthday, its going to get a bigger brother... Smaller than a DS Lite, the Nintendo DSi was launched this April - featuring bigger, brighter screens and two built-in cameras... Today, Nintendo has announced the new extra large Nintendo DSi XL Console, which launches in Japan on the 21st of November, will be released in Europe during the first quarter of 2010. As you can see in the picture above, the DSi XL is basically a bigger version of the DSi console, with 4.2 inch screens and a new Touch Pen stylus. The Nintendo DSi XL will offer 1-3 hrs more battery life and comes pre-loaded with Dr Kawashima's Little Bit of Brain Training: Arts Edition, Dictionary 6 in 1, Flipnote Studio, and the Nintendo DSi Browser. The new Nintendo DSi XL Console will be available in two colours: Wine Red and Dark Brown

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

New BLACK Nintendo Wii Console

Black Nintendo Wii Console with Wii Sports Resort

Remember when the Nintendo Wii Console was first announced at E3 2005? The early pictures of the Wii (codename: Revolution) all showed a black console. But, when the Wii was launched in 2006, it was only available in white. Nintendo recently, finally released a Black Wii Console in Japan. Today, Nintendo has announced that the Black Wii Console will also be available in the UK from the 6th of November, and goes on sale in the rest of Europe on November 20th. This Limited Edition package has matching black accessories - including Black Wii Remote and Black Nunchuk controllers - and also includes the game Wii Sports Resort with Wii Motion Plus

Monday, October 19, 2009

PlayStation 3 250GB Console Bundles

Sony PlayStation 3 Slim Console

Sony are releasing two new PlayStation 3 Console bundles in the UK today. Both packages feature the recently released PlayStation 3 250GB Slim Console with a wireless DualShock 3 controller and retail at £284.99. One bundle comes with the current best-selling game: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, and the other includes two blockbuster movies on Blu-ray: The Dark Knight and X-Men Origins: Wolverine

PS3 250GB Console + Uncharted 2

PS3 250GB Console + Blu-rays

PlayStation 3 Games

Blu-ray Movies