Wednesday, May 18, 2005

E3 2005: The Next Generation...

Wow, it's all happening at this year's E3!

Microsoft have showcased the Next Generation Xbox, & finally let us know what it will be called: XBOX 360 (obviously the idea of naming it the "Xbox 2" was rejected as it would be seen to be a generation behind Sony PlayStation 3). The XBOX 360 is scheduled for release pre-Xmas this year...

XBOX 360 Game Console

Nintendo have been promoting their new handheld console, the Nintendo DS (Dual Screen), and earlier today they released the first pictures of their Next Generation home games console: REVOLUTION


Sony were meant to be hyping their new handheld console, the Sony PSP (PlayStation Portable), due for release 1st of September 2005 - but, to ensure they're not left out of E3's Next Gen' extravaganza and eclipsed by Microsoft or Nintendo, Sony also just announced the PlayStation 3 for "Spring 2006" and are currently showing off a prototype model based on these concept pictures...

PlayStation 3 Game Console


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