Thursday, September 24, 2009

PlayStation 3 250GB Slim Console

Sony PlayStation 3 250GB Slim Console

Sony's Keynote Speech at the Tokyo Game Show today opened with some PS3 sales figures: the new PlayStation 3 120GB Slim Console has already sold over 1 million units worldwide since its launch three weeks ago on the 1st of September. And, a new PS3 Slim Console was announced, with exactly the same hardware specifications as the current model, but with a 250GB Hard Drive, due to be released early next month! (This is obviously Sony's response to Microsoft's recently revealed XBOX 360 Super Elite 250GB Console.) The new PlayStation 3 250GB Slim Console will be bundled with a wireless DualShock 3 controller and a PS3 game, retailing at £284.99

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PlayStation 3 250GB Console

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