Thursday, October 02, 2008

Nintendo's New DSi Console

Nintendo DSi Console

A new model of Nintendo's DS (Dual Screen) was announced today by company President: Satoru Iwata, at the Nintendo Conference in Tokyo. The new Nintendo DSi console is 12% thinner than the Nintendo DS Lite, with bigger and brighter 3.25" screens, two built-in cameras, enhanced speakers, and a slot for SD memory cards. While the DSi will play Nintendo DS games, the Game Boy Advance (GBA) cartridge slot from previous DS models has been removed. The new Nintendo DSi also features audio applications that allow you to record and play with sound and music, and photo-editing software for pictures captured by the inwards and outwards facing cameras. Motion-detecting via the cameras will be used to control future DSi games. Nintendo DSi consoles will also offer improved connectivity for browsing the Internet and downloading games and applications. Nintendo DSi is due early 2009


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