Friday, May 22, 2009

EA Sports Active for Nintendo Wii

EA Sports Active: Personal Trainer for Nintendo Wii

EA Sports Active is released today exclusively for the Nintendo Wii Console. Designed in collaboration with fitness experts (video), the EA Sports Active: Personal Trainer package includes the software, a Leg Strap (video) and a Resistance Band (video). EA Sports Active offers a wide range of exercises & sports activities that target both upper body and lower body, as well as providing a cardiovascular workout (video). The Personal Trainer software (video) tracks your body movements via the hand-held Wii Remote with the Nunchuk tucked into the Leg Strap. The Wii Balance Board is not required, but there are additional features designed especially for use with the Board (video). You can exercise alone, with the Virtual Trainer providing instruction, motivation and encouragement; or workout with friends by using additional Accessory Packs


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