Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sony PSP Go! Details Leaked Early

Sony PSP Go! Console

Due to be one of Sony's big announcements at this year's E3, details of the brand new Sony PSP Go! hand-held games console were revealed today in the latest edition of the PlayStation Network's Qore interactive magazine, which was accidently released early. A "top secret" video showed the new Sony PSP Go! games console has a 3.8 inch screen, a slide-out control panel, 16GB of flash memory, with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support. The Sony PSP Go! does not have a UMD drive - content and games will be downloaded or digitally transferred - and the console is much smaller and lighter than the Sony PSP 3000. It was made clear that the PSP Go! is not designed to replace the PSP 3000 and PSP games will continue to be released on the UMD format...


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