Friday, January 25, 2008

Burnout Paradise for XBOX 360 & PS3

Burnout Paradise for XBOX 360 & PlayStation 3

Burnout Paradise introduces the "open world" concept to the Burnout series. This is Burnout completely reinvented for the PlayStation 3 & XBOX 360. Here you are given the freedom to explore the sprawling Paradise City, choosing when and where you want to race, which route to take thro' the city to reach your destination. There's 120 race events (winning will increase your driver's license ranking & unlock new cars), and tonnes of ramps & jumps to discover. In addition to the traditional Burning Route & Road Rage, there's also new racing modes: Marked Man & Stunt Run. Visually, this is the most impressive Burnout so far, with advanced Crash Deformation physics and Paradise City beautifully rendered even at maximum Boost. Downloadable updates planned for Burnout Paradise will add several islands onto Paradise City, also allowing access to motorbikes & extra game modes...

Burnout Paradise for XBOX 360 & PS3


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