Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Blu-ray Discs Outselling HD DVD

HD DVD vs. Blu-ray Disc

The story so far: HD DVD format was launched by Toshiba in Japan on 31st March 2006. The first Samsung Blu-ray players went on sale in the US on 25th June 2006. Sony's PlayStation 3 Console with built-in Blu-ray player launched in Japan on 10th November 2006. Microsoft's HD DVD Player for XBOX 360 was released at the beginning of December 2006...

October 2007: Home Media Research released a report stating
Blu-ray Disc movies have outsold rival HD DVD movie titles by an almost 2:1 ratio in the United States so far this year. While HD DVD player owners buy more movies, there are now 2.7 million US homes with a Blu-ray player (includes Sony PlayStation 3 Console owners) compared to only 750,000 with HD DVD players

Today, the Blu-ray Disc Association issued a statement that Blu-ray movie sales have now exceeded a million in Europe & Blu-ray currently represents 73% of high-definition movie sales. In Europe, over 20 million Blu-ray Disc games for the PlayStation 3 Console have also been produced


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