Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Grand Theft Auto IV hits the streets

Grand Theft Auto IV for PlayStation 3 & XBOX 360

...and explodes previous records for Video Game sales within 24 hours (beating HALO 3), and goes on to become the most successful Entertainment Product ever in terms of revenue generated on day of release (making more money in 24 hours than the final Harry Potter book!) With scores of perfect 10/10 or 100% ratings from major magazines and game review sites, Rockstar Games' Grand Theft Auto IV for PlayStation 3 & XBOX 360 has already sold 3.6 million units, taking over $310 million

Welcome to Liberty City... You are Niko Bellic, escaping a violent past in Eastern Europe, drawn to the USA by your cousin's tales of his luxurious life. But, soon after arriving and meeting your cousin, Roman, you discover that his stories of an easy life are not true. Roman's reality is that he is in debt to brutal criminals & desperately needs protection...

Just like other recent GTAs, Grand Theft Auto IV has a main storyline & missions to complete as you rise through the criminal underworld, or you can explore the "open-world" environment & the many activities Liberty City offers (Bowling, Darts, Strip Clubs, etc.), or cause as much chaos as you can get away with before the police arrest or shot you

Grand Theft Auto IV for Sony PS3 & XBOX 360

Grand Theft Auto IV has been in development for over three & a half years, involving more than a thousand people, with the total cost estimated at around $100 million (setting another record as the Most Expensive video game ever developed). While not exactly 100% perfect, Grand Theft Auto IV is a masterpiece of modern gaming, with highly-detailed graphics and advanced Artificial Intelligence giving Liberty City and its inhabitants a level of realism beyond expectations. Grand Theft Auto IV is also the first GTA to feature an online multiplayer mode: allowing you to create a completely customizable character to take part in 15 online games, including: Death Match, Car Jacking, Turf Wars, Racing and the Free Mode (ideal for virtual socializing)


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