Friday, October 19, 2007

Half-Life 2: The Orange Box

Half-Life 2: The Orange Box for PS3, XBOX 360 & PC
Valve's "The Orange Box" includes five games, three are new & exclusive to this collection...
1998: the original Half-Life won 50+ "Game Of The Year" awards for its innovative and immersive storytelling. Half-Life 2 continues the story of research scientist Gordon Freeman. With the intense atmosphere of the original taken to new levels of realism, Freeman is thrust into the role of rescuing the world from the alien menace he has unleashed. (Half-Life 2 trailer). Episode One (trailer) and the new Episode Two (1st trailer - 2nd trailer) present further advances in graphics rendering & Artificial Intelligence, extending the single player experience of the Half-Life adventure. Portal is a deceptively simple puzzle game with a warped sense of humour. You are armed with a gravity-gun that can also fire portals. You step into one portal & come out of the other. It begins easy enough, but you'll soon be straining your brain to figure out solutions. (Watch the PORTAL Training Video). Team Fortress 2 is an online multiplayer team warfare game. Play as a flame-throwing Pyro, a Heavy, Spy, Engineer, Scout, Soldier, Sniper, Demolition Man or Medic. Endless hours of crazy cartoon-style murder & mayhem is on offer here. (Team Fortress 2: trailer 1 - trailer 2)


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